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Core Mobile Super Edition Asus Linglong II laptops on sale

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The acceleration of the business office rhythm has put more pressure on many workplace professionals. Everyone in the workplace is thinking about how to reduce the burden reasonably while maintaining high efficiency, and the best way to solve the problem is to reduce the burden on office tools. The office tool commonly used by professionals is a laptop. The more efficient a notebook is, the easier it will be for the workplace. As the world's leading PC supplier, Asus joins hands with technology leader Intel to drive PC change and jointly promote the launch of the Core Mobile Super Edition, creating a 990g thin notebook computer-ASUS Linglong II. For sale.

Core Mobile Super Edition (Athena Project) is Intel's next-generation thin and light innovation plan announced at CES 2019. New breakthrough.


New technology magnesium-lithium alloy makes the world's lightest

To reduce the weight of a notebook computer, it can also reduce the burden on the office. In addition to controlling the thickness of internal components, increasing the volume and integration of components, it can also work hard on the choice of shell material. In 2020, ASUS made the weight of laptops to a new level with a new material casing. The latest Asus Linglong II business computer released by is currently the world's lightest 14-inch notebook computer. The magnesium-lithium alloy casing makes the 14-inch Linglong II lighter by about 990 grams.


As a 14-inch notebook computer, ASUS Linglong II measures only 320 × 202 × 14.9 mm and has a thickness of only 14.9mm. While reducing weight, ASUS Linglong II also reduces the thickness of the entire machine. Can meet the portable needs of workplace workers. The innovative application of magnesium-lithium alloys reflects, on the one hand, the constant pursuit of innovation by Asus, and on the other hand the technological strength of Asus.

Keeping it lightweight continues to improve business performance

On the basis of keeping light weight, ASUS Linglong II is equipped with a tenth-generation Intel Core i7-10510U processor, 16GB LPDDR3 memory, and a maximum capacity of 4TB (2TB × 2) PCIe × 4 super large-capacity solid-state drive to meet the needs of professionals Office needs. Asus Linglong II business notebooks have outstanding computing power and stable performance output capabilities. At the same time, thanks to the large-capacity solid-state hard disk, thin and light notebook products have better performance in storage and data reading speed.

In addition to the performance of the internal hardware, the ASUS Linglong II is equipped with a 14-inch, full-HD anti-glare matte screen with a viewing area of 94%. .


Long battery life reduces the number of times you carry power

In order to ensure the stable output of the system, Asus Linglong II is equipped with a 4Cell 66Wh lithium polymer battery. It has a long battery life and supports fast battery charging. In the case of shutdown, it charges about 60% in 39 minutes and can be fully charged in one hour. Electricity. Of course, how long it can be used depends on different situations, but under the configuration of low-power hardware, a 66-watt-hour battery can meet the test of the whole day.

Core Mobile Super Edition opens new experience

Intel has been leading the revolution of notebook computers for many years, from the initial Centrino to Ultrabook, Transformer, Lightweight, Game, etc., each change has brought users a faster and easier to use experience. Today, Intel has released the Core Mobile Super Edition again. This is a plan based on Intel ’s research on the needs of mobile notebook users, because notebooks can allow users to focus more on work, but also need wider adaptability, which is very good Out-of-the-box performance.


This time ASUS and Intel pushed the perfect launch of the Core Mobile Super Edition to redefine the laptop experience. The Core Mobile Super Edition of the ASUS Linglong II will open a new application experience for users.

Linglong II is another innovation of ASUS in business applications. From outside to inside, the brand-new ASUS Linglong II business notebook computer meets the needs of professionals, helping the workplace to work more easily.


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