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Asus laptop, how about Asus portable Y4000 evaluation

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


Asus Y4000 is a laptop in its early 3,000s, equipped with an eighth-generation i3 processor, 4G memory, 128g solid-state hard disk and 500g mechanical hard disk, and also adopts the most popular narrow bezel ultra-thin design. What can we say? There is nothing. Moreover, the overall experience of the Y4000 is good, because with the solid-state hard disk, it can take only about 7 seconds to boot up, and it is also fast to open various software. For specific trials, please see the detailed report below!

Highlights and details

The overall design of the Y4000 gives the biggest impression that it is high-grade. The entire machine uses a very textured metal brushed contrast design, and the screen uses a narrow bezel design, and the visual effect is quite good. As a 3,000 yuan notebook computer, not only integrates the more popular nowadays, but also has such a texture, it can be said that it is quite difficult.

The thickness of the Y4000 is very well controlled, whether it is closed or opened, it is relatively thin, and the visual effect is quite good from the side. The official parameters are as thin as 22.9mm and the weight is only 2kg. The actual measurement does not differ much from this parameter. Although this is not particularly thin and light, but as long as you think that this is a computer around 3,000 yuan, and there are quite good configurations, that is a very good performance.

The official standard of the Y4000 is a combination of 4G memory and 500G mechanical hard disk. The processor is the eighth-generation i3. Although the overall configuration is not very good, the merchant has kindly installed a 128G solid state drive. With this solid state drive, not only It can be booted in 7 seconds, and it opens many applications very fast. It can be used as an entry-level computer. The performance is quite unexpected.

Trial process and experience

I used Master Lu to monitor the Y4000's hardware accordingly. Of course, the hardware is the configuration given on the product detail page. The only difference is that the merchant has installed a 128G solid state drive, which can be said to be kind. Master Lu's score is 108571. The three scores of processor, graphics card and memory are all middle and lower grades. Only the hard disk is middle and upper grades, and the overall performance is good.

Although the Y4000 is a low-end notebook computer, it has not shrunk on various jacks, and it is also equipped with a more commonly used camera. In terms of interfaces, the USB 3.0 interface, the headphone interface, the HDMI interface, and the tf card slot interface are all uncontested.

I think one of the best things about this computer is that you can see the details of the design, and the materials are also very good. Both the back and front of the fuselage have very textured metal brushing. The hinge of the notebook is also specially designed in chocolate color, which has a contrasting effect with other materials. It looks relatively high-end. The keyboard design and some patterns next to the keyboard are also very good.

In terms of portability, the Y4000 is also used by many companies. In addition to its good battery life, the thickness of the computer's body is also well controlled. The entire body is a little thinner than the thickness of a coin. In addition, the computer's adapter is also Designed as an assembly with the power cord, this can also greatly improve the portable performance of the computer.

Finally, let's talk about the shortcomings of this computer. I think there are two shortcomings of this computer. The first is the screen resolution. The 15.6-inch screen has a resolution of only 1366 * 768, although this is an entry-level laptop. The normal operation, but the visual effect is really average. The second is that the area of the heat dissipation hole is relatively small. Of course, it is normal to use it in normal situations, but if you occasionally want to use it for mobile phones, the heat dissipation performance may not be able to keep up.


Advantages: 1. The detail design is attentive, and the brushed metal appearance is very high-end. 2. The store has an additional solid-state drive installed, and the startup and opening software are fast. 3. Portability is good, performance is good, the cost performance of the entire computer is quite outstanding.

Disadvantages: 1. The area of the heat dissipation hole is small, and the heat dissipation effect is average. 2. The screen resolution is relatively low, and the display effect is average.


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