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How often should the laptop battery be replaced

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The notebook prompts "Please consider replacing the battery" and "Your battery has a problem, which may cause the computer to shut down suddenly." Generally, you first test the main hardware of the notebook battery, power supply, and motherboard to see if there are any problems with the hardware, if the hardware is normal , It can be determined that the system is a false positive, and friends who can't find a solution may simply reinstall the system.

    In fact, if you analyze the cause in depth, you can still find a solution. Since the system cannot identify the battery correctly, you should first consider whether the battery driver is abnormal. Updating the battery driver may solve the problem. (All computer hardware requires driver support. This is common knowledge of computers, but it is often ignored by everyone)


Disconnect AC power and shut down normally;

Remove the battery, then plug in AC power and turn on;

Open the device manager and uninstall the driver. Computer-Management (right-click selection)-Device Manager-Battery-Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery;

After the driver is uninstalled, shut down, disconnect the AC power, install the battery, connect the AC power, and start normally.

Although the operation is a bit cumbersome, it is not complicated. As long as you follow the steps carefully, you can basically eliminate the problem. After the operation is completed, the battery power will gradually increase from 0% to 100%. The error message "Please consider replacing the battery" and "Your battery has a problem, which may cause your computer to suddenly shut down" disappear .

If the above method fails, please upgrade the system to the latest patch version. After upgrading, there will be an additional "Warning when my battery needs to be replaced" in the power options. If this check is removed, the red cross warning will not be displayed, and the new test is absolutely valid.

Of course, it is better to buy a new battery if you have money, or use it without a battery.


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