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How much is a Mac Pro?

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Cook brings a new generation of Mac Pro and shows off its amazing performance. But Apple only announced the price of its base model. According to foreign media report The Verge, if you want to buy a high-end top-end Mac Pro, you need at least US $ 33,720.88 (about RMB 232,920), and considering the increase to four GPUs, the price will easily exceed $ 45,000.


I have confirmed that my eyes are a computer that the proletariat cannot afford

Let's analyze the price list of a top Mac Pro.

The first is the case. Apple's new Mac Pro basic model sells for $ 6,000. The price includes the motherboard, power supply, radiator, cooling system and chassis (optional rollers require additional cost). It includes an Intel Xeon CPU, an AMD 580X graphics card, and some memory and solid state drives, but we will gradually replace and upgrade.

First come the easiest, add memory. The new Mac Pro has 12 DIMM slots and can use DDR4 ECC memory. In order to reach the maximum 1.5TB of memory advertised at the conference, we need 12 single 128GB memory modules; each one costs $ 1388.99, so the memory cost is as high as $ 17867.88.


Designed to support powerful cooling

Then comes storage. Because Apple ’s hard disks integrate T2 chip encryption at the hardware level, the price is higher than ordinary SSDs on the market. Koala has previously charged Apple $ 2,400 to upgrade its iMac Pro to 4TB of storage space. We can conservatively estimate the storage cost of the new Mac Pro at $ 2,400.

Next is the CPU. The 28-core Intel Xeon processor is not on the market and is exclusively owned by the Mac Pro. According to Intel ’s product database, the closest product is the Intel Xeon W-3275M, whose customer price is $ 7,453. Can be used as the lowest reference price, because Apple announced a higher processor cache size, but the rest of the specifications are very close.

The more troublesome part is the graphics card. AMD announced that the Radeon Pro Vega II GPU is also exclusive to the Mac Pro, so we cannot estimate its price. At the same time, Apple claims that it can install up to two such graphics cards, each of which has two GPUs. Apple's two Apple MDX modules are connected together by Infinity Fabric Link. There are not many products that we can use as a reference. NVIDIA's Quadro RTX 6000 can be counted as one, priced at $ 6,000, but it is still a single GPU, plus the cost of Apple's MDX module, so we can only conservatively estimate, The graphics card costs roughly $ 12,000.



Apple Afterburner acceleration card is one of the highlights of this Mac Pro and one of its strong performance guarantees. It belongs to the top configuration. Because this product is designed by Apple, we do n’t know its price.

Only the peripheral parts are left. Although you can connect the Mac Pro to a cheaper monitor, the Pro Display XDR is specifically designed to be paired with the Mac Pro, so you may want to choose one or even six. The Mac Pro can support six Pro Display XDR monitors at the same time with a resolution of 6K. The monitor costs $ 5,000.

In addition, you also need to purchase a bracket that fits the Pro Display XDR monitor and a set of keyboard and mouse. The bracket costs $ 1,000 and the keyboard and mouse are $ 228.


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