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How do I buy a Macbook Pro 2020?

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Why should I change my Mac during the week from Windows to macOX? The selection process works out of the box. Why should I change my Mac? First of all, let's introduce my previous book, a thin and light domestic brand (2.2kg, 15.6-inch, i7) purchased in 17 years + power adapter + wireless mouse. When I work at home, I feel as good as the company's desktop. Basically, it is smooth with Nut Cloud. So what made me decide to phase out a laptop that is not out of date and buy a MacBook pro? This cost is not cheap for me. There are two reasons for this: the arrival of the holiday. The events of May Day are still vividly remembered. An unknown scenic spot, a group of people climbing the mountain with interest, and the embarrassing scene of looking for power everywhere with my laptop, I really do not want to reproduce it. The two-hour battery life cannot meet the use scenario of a laptop going out. In contrast, my colleague's MBP, which was purchased in 17 years, can still reach at least 4-5 hours of office use. Weight and portability are also incomparable. (Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching, and I plan to make a trip.) Work issues My job is operation. As an operation, it is difficult to have a real vacation. Even on weekends, I spend more than 5 hours at the computer. In terms of work content, the 15.6-inch laptop is not too demanding for my work. I mostly use office suites and lightly edit professional software such as editing (also available on the company's desktop) To deal with some professional needs), the 13-inch size is more suitable for my office work at home, such as lying on a sofa or bed. Although the connection between the company and the home has the help of the nut cloud as an artifact, it is inevitable that there are many times when data is lost or urgently used, the data is indeed not synchronized. It took me about a day from the decision to the purchase. Here is a brief summary of my selection process and the situation of Macbook, for the reference of students who are hesitating (I bought 19 models, for reference only). From the decision to buy, naturally understand the main data of the Macbook. 1. Size: 13 inches and 15 inches, in fact, the size is quite different. Compared with my colleague's 18 15-inch MBPs, the 13-inch length and width are similar to a piece of A4 paper. If you consider the portability of 13 inches, consider Performance 15 inches; 2. Memory: Well, try to choose a customized version, 8G feels really not enough, open two WeChat, chorme open a few more pages, memory can reach 70 or 80, 16G is much better; 3 . cpu: i5, i7, i9, of course, the higher the better, the eight cores are more high, choose according to demand, office i5 is enough, there is no hesitation, in fact, only your wallet will stop you; 4 SSD: the same, the minimum should also choose 256G, higher to see the thickness of the wallet; 5. Frequency: 1.4Ghz and 2.4Ghz, this is where I am more entangled, theoretically, high-frequency CPU processing speed is faster, but the Internet Investigated, it is said that the performance gap between the two is not particularly large. The same configuration is more expensive than the former by 2000+. As a poor person, I had to give up 2.4Ghz. Click here to view the station B video (moving). Briefly introduce the main differences: The 1.4Ghz model has only two type-c interfaces, and the 2.4Ghz model has four (in the case of personal feeling that you need to buy a dock, this is not very important); the 1.4Ghz hard disk read and write speed ratio 2.4Ghz is slower; 2.4Ghz has better sound effects; there is only one fan for 1.4Ghz (MBP is hotter than expected) 6. Where to buy: Buy from the official website, support interest-free installment, use education discounts, there are certain discounts, meanwhile There are also Beats headsets (July 9, 2019 to September 26, 2019), and the official website supports return after exchange. You can also choose to buy from a third-party e-commerce platform. Although it does not support activation and return, and there is no headset gift, it is cheap! After all, I looked at the same model at least a lot cheaper! 7. How to inspect the machine: The first step is to check the packaging box. MBP's packaging box is special, it is difficult to recover after disassembly. The second step is whether the serial number of the packaging box and the fuselage are consistent. The third step is to check whether the serial number is activated on the official website. Remember to check before booting, MBP starts to activate automatically.




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