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Whether to choose iMac or macbook pro

Time:2020-03-18Popularity: Author: 小编


After reading some evaluations, in the end, there are two basic points: iMac-the performance of the same price is basically twice that of a notebook, even if it is the same model of hardware, because the notebook must consider factors such as heat dissipation, battery, space, and voltage. Desktop It is also a compact notebook, suitable for friends who are looking for performance but don't need mobility; macbook-strong in portability, the performance of the notebook itself cannot be compared with desktops of the same price. However, by using an external eGPU, an external 4k / 5k display, and a cooling base, the notebook can reach or approach the performance of a desktop computer. This configuration is also becoming more and more popular. Use a notebook when going out and put it in the cooling bracket when you return home. , Connected to eGPU, monitor, mechanical keyboard and mouse, immediately turned into a powerful workstation, taking into account both portability and performance issues.


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