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About the 2019 MacBook Pro hardware configuration issues

Time:2020-03-18Popularity: Author: 小编


CPU —— Due to the limitation of heat dissipation, only i7 6-core or i9 8-core 2.3g hz CPUs are recommended, because the current CPUs have excess performance and rarely cause CPU bottlenecks. It is not recommended to increase to 2.4g hz because all Evaluation shows that this CPU basically fails to play because of the notebook cooling limit, it can not reach turbo boost 5.0g hz, it is also bought for nothing.

Regarding the graphics card problem-mac's graphics card has always been not very good. If you want a little better and not bad money, upgrade to vega20. If you want to save money and want performance, recommend eGPU external graphics card. Firstly, Razer's core x graphics card box is recommended. There are many models of supported graphics cards, which are also very easy to install, much cheaper than Apple's black magic, followed by Apple's black magic. After all, Apple's own products are easy to install and use.

Memory problems-Mac os system memory usage is optimized very well, memory enhancement is very helpful to the software experience, it is recommended to upgrade to 16G or 32G, so Apple computers will not be a problem for another five years.

SSD problem-SSD is fast, but it is also very expensive. It is recommended to be at least 256, preferably 512G or 1T or above, otherwise the computer will keep deleting things. If there is too much data, Type-C external SSD ( High speed) or mechanical hard disk (large capacity), or external NAS, can meet the needs of terabyte storage at a lower cost.


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