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New MacBook Air keyboard changed from butterfly to scissors

Time:2020-03-18Popularity: Author: 小编


It is reported that Apple will launch the new MacBook Air directly on the official website next week. The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that will be launched this year will continue the choice of the 16-inch MacBook Pro at the end of last year, giving up the previously criticized butterfly keyboard and changing it to New scissor keyboard.

The new scissor keyboard has greatly improved the poor design of the previous butterfly keyboard. Most consumers believe that the scissor keyboard is significantly better than the butterfly keyboard in terms of tapping feel. In addition, the butterfly keyboard has often broken down and has poor durability.

However, although the new MacBook Air will be launched next week, it is only available for pre-orders. Due to the impact of the epidemic, production capacity is difficult to keep up, and spot sales may go to April.

There is also news that Apple will also launch a 14-inch MacBook Pro.

It is reported that Apple is currently adjusting its production capacity and will place its main production quota on the iPad and Mac product lines. The reason is that during the epidemic, sales of these two types of products rose sharply, and iPad and Mac products from third-party channels even rose. Price tide. Apple will also accelerate the launch of such new products to meet market demand.


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