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Apple online store releases new MacBook Air

Time:2020-03-18Popularity: Author: 小编


Today MacRumors received anonymous news that Apple plans to release the new MacBook Air next week. It is worth noting that the media also received similar news at about this time last year, and the accuracy was pretty good.

A few days ago, analysts said that Apple plans to launch updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with scissors keyboards in the second quarter of 2020, after the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Although the second quarter will not begin until April, considering that Apple has released new or updated products in March for five consecutive years, there is also the possibility of release next week.

The current MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro are still equipped with butterfly keyboards, which may cause sticky or unresponsive problems after prolonged use, which prompted Apple to launch a free repair program worldwide in 2018. Apple finally solved the problem by: The new keyboard on the 16-inch MacBook Pro reverted to a scissor-type mechanism, which proved to be more reliable.

Considering the current situation, if the news is true, next week Apple may release MacBook Air updates directly in the online store.


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