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Apple releases new iPad Pro: dual camera + smart keyboard with trackpad

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Just before Apple released the new iPad Pro, the new iPad Pro released this time includes 11-inch and 12.9-inch models. The new iPad Pro is equipped with a new A12Z bionic processor with dual camera settings on the back. In addition, Apple also introduced a new iPad Pro smart keyboard with built-in trackpad, which seems to be one of the biggest highlights of the new iPad Pro. Let's take a look at the major upgrades first:


This iPad Pro is equipped with a new A12Z chip and an 8-core graphics processor. The A12Z Bionic is designed to handle a variety of tasks. Running professional applications is its strength. An 8-core graphics processor brings smooth performance to tasks such as 4K video editing, 3D design, and augmented reality. Enhanced thermal design ensures higher peaks and more consistent performance, which is critical for professional-level work. Apple's design of the neural network engine prepares machine learning technology on the device side for the next generation of professional applications.


Another selling point of the new iPad Pro is a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera and a new 10-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, plus a studio-grade microphone and a four-speaker system. The camera is also equipped with a lidar scanner, LiDAR (LiDAR light detection and ranging), an advanced technology that determines the distance by measuring the time it takes for light to reach an object and reflect it back. Special Lidar scanners use direct time-of-flight (dToF) to measure light reflected from up to five meters in indoor or outdoor environments. It can detect at the photon level and can run at nanosecond speeds, opening up endless possibilities for augmented reality and the wider field, thereby bringing more realistic augmented reality effects.

Apple says that the Magic Keyboard supported by the new iPad Pro uses a suspension bracket design and is connected to the iPad Pro through magnetic attraction, allowing you to easily adjust the viewing angle that suits you. The built-in touchpad opens up a new way of interacting with iPadOS, and the built-in USB‑C interface enables direct charging. At the same time, it can provide proper protection for the front and rear of the fuselage. This is a full-size keyboard designed for iPad Pro. It uses a separate hard keycap and a 1-millimeter key-stroke scissors structure to bring a sensitive, comfortable and quiet input experience. Tap the full-featured trackpad to open up a completely new iPadOS experience for you. You can use it to control the new cursor in iPadOS. You can easily edit spreadsheets, select text, and other tasks that require cursors.

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