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Apple MacBook Air——The best MacBook for day-to-day use

Time:2020-03-23Popularity: Author: Ryan Jones



A classic design, refreshed for 2018

Lightweight, premium-feel body

Retina Display screen


Two USB-C ports

Outdated processor

The MacBook Air 2018 has slid down our rankings in recent months, falling behind competitors due to its outdated processor and design.

Despite being in dire need of a refresh, this is still a solid laptop. The 2018 line-up brings a 2560 x 1600 Retina Display screen, Touch ID and the T2 security chip, which encrypts your files on the go. The stereo speakers also offer sound quality that’s among the best of any laptop we’ve seen recently. For everyday use, the battery gave us 9-10hrs of power.

Pricing for the range starts at £1199, which means you can get similarly priced Windows machines that boast a far better performance. But if you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple MacBook Air (2018) is still a brilliant ultrabook.


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