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What to do if the Apple notebook does not boot

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng

I received an Apple A1706, describing the failure as not turning on, there is a charging current when the power is plugged in, and the switch does not respond. The machine was dismantled without water and no repairs.

Remove the battery connection screw, connect to the power and turn on automatically. Is the switch broken? Turn it off and then on again. You can turn on the switch without any problems. Everything is normal when you connect the battery. After testing, no problems were found, and the back cover was installed first. Can't turn on again. Remove the back cover, disconnect the battery, and then power on again. After many tests, it was found that the rule cannot be turned on as long as the screen is closed and turned on again. Here, colleagues should guess that this is a problem caused by hibernation, then disassemble and repair.

Look at the point.

After careful measurement, it is found that the voltages at the two sleep switches are 3.4V, but R52511PIN0.5V and R52611PIN3.4v are measured. It is obvious that the R5251 1PIN voltage is incorrect. Measure the resistance value R5251, and the wire between pin 1 and J5250 is broken. What to do? The flying line is too far. Connect R52611PIN normally and simply try R52511PIN.

Installation test everything is normal, the bright picture is provided.

This concludes the maintenance.


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