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Apple laptop can boot but display does not light up

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


Apple laptop boot display does not light up, there may be a software or hardware problem.

First, the software causes a black screen.

Sometimes after installing some software or hardware drivers, it is found that after restarting, the computer cannot enter the system, and the screen keeps blanking. This situation is the black screen of the laptop caused by the software. If the black screen is caused by software, take Windows system as an example, you can restart the machine, and press the F8 key several times when booting to bring up the system's boot options menu.

After the system boot options menu appears, select Enter Safe Mode. If you can enter the safe mode normally, you can delete the software or driver installed before the black screen in safe mode. Then restart the machine to see if the laptop can solve the black screen problem.

Second, the notebook's black screen caused by hardware.

Black screen caused by hardware for the following reasons:

1) Causes of static electricity. Sometimes static electricity can cause abnormalities in the notebook motherboard circuit, resulting in no response on the screen after the power is turned on. You can try to remove the battery and power of the notebook, and then press the power button of the notebook several times to let the machine discharge static electricity. Then plug in the power and turn it on to see if the problem can be solved.

2) The memory is loose or there is a hardware failure in the memory. There are several major components of a laptop, including the CPU, motherboard, memory, and graphics card. These parts are indispensable. If any one of them fails, the notebook will not run normally. The most common one is no response after booting. The CPU and motherboard are generally less likely to fail, and it is more common for a laptop to fail to boot due to loose memory. At this time, remove the battery and power of the notebook first. If the computer is not difficult to remove, you can open the notebook back cover by yourself and re-plug the memory. After plugging and unplugging the memory, power on and start the machine to see if the problem can be solved.

3) The LCD component of the notebook is faulty. There are some older notebooks, this may happen. Display components generally include display screens, data cables, and some other small components. If you have a desktop monitor, you can try to connect it to the VGA display interface on the laptop, and then switch the display to the VGA external display on the laptop. If you can switch to an external display, it means that the display unit has a larger problem.

4) The hardware of the graphics card is faulty. The graphics card is responsible for all the display output of the computer, so it has a problem, and no display can be seen on the screen. If the graphics card is broken, the average user can't solve it. If the notebook is under warranty, you can take it for free inspection and repair.


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