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Is Apple laptop easy to use?

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


Apple notebooks have good advantages in terms of thin and light body, endurance performance, display effects, touchpad, etc., but also with the disadvantages of heat, keyboard feel, interface, and higher learning cost of macOS; if you have performance, scalability And the demand for game performance is not large, Apple notebooks are relatively easy to use. Here are the details:

1. It is mainly based on your needs. If you have a lot of battery life, screen performance and professional software use, and there is not much demand for performance, scalability, including hardware upgrades and game performance, then Apple Notebook can meet your needs. demand;

2. The biggest advantage of Apple notebooks is the macOS system it uses. Because there is no open source, and the user share is lower than Windows, the number of malware and viruses is small. In addition, the software installation generally requires the App Store, which can basically be eliminated. Incompatible and malicious software; however, this also brings a problem. On macOS, you can find alternative software on most Windows systems, and even some are cross-platform, but there are some more professional ones that need to be purchased and the price is comparative. high;

3. In addition, it is the product itself. At present, the MacBook mainly includes the MacBook series, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. All of them have good battery life and display effects, and there is a better touchpad; It is not as good as most notebook products. This requires attention. In addition, the performance of Apple notebooks is relatively weak among notebooks at the same price. If you need a notebook with higher performance, especially graphics card performance, choose an Apple notebook. Cost-effective


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