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Is Apple notebook easy to use? What about Apple notebooks?

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


Is Apple laptop easy to use? The biggest advantage of using Apple computers is memory protection. When processing graphics of more than 300M, the PC generally crashes, but when using Apple computers, there is no crash.

The main advantage of Apple notebook computers is stable performance, especially when running large graphics, animation, and other software. Its stability and speed are unmatched by ordinary notebook computers. In addition, its color expression is better than ordinary notebook Computers are much richer and more powerful, and users who are accustomed to Macs will have a feeling of falling from heaven to hell if they switch to traditional laptops.

In addition, with regard to the usefulness of the Apple notebook, the shape of the Apple notebook is very creative and the materials are very good. Its disadvantages are that there are relatively few styles, there is not much room for choice, and it is also expensive and supports less software. Therefore, some netizens wonder whether Apple notebooks are easy to use? In fact, Apple notebooks are especially suitable for those professional users in the fields of printing, advertising, design, etc. As for individual users, it seems a bit out of reach.

Regarding the issue of Apple notebooks, friends with the following situations are not suitable for purchasing Apple notebooks.

1. Friends who like videos

Whether you use QQ or MSN, you ca n’t send videos or videos on Mac. Currently, all third-party QQs are used on mac, but video cannot be implemented. Although MSN has developed a mac version, it is obviously not sincere enough to video. Although there are other softwares on the mac that can video, in view of the widespread use of domestic QQ, you ca n’t always ask for a beautiful mm in the Internet cafes to find other software to watch videos with you? UC is not available, many online movies Can't see.

Game lovers

How about Apple notebook? Although the famous games will all have mac versions, it is obviously sad for a good athlete who is eager to swim in the game ocean.

3. Industry professionals

Regarding the use of Apple notebooks, it is well known that not all software has mac versions, especially some industry software, such as 3DMAX and CAD. So, if you are unfortunately working in an industry that needs these applications and you want to use Apple in particular, then change your job!

4.People accustomed to traditional computer operations

Such people are people who just fancy Apple's beautiful appearance and don't know what MAC OS is at all, because they faint as soon as they enter the system. Why do n’t I have my computer and my documents? Where is IE? Where is the start menu ? This series of question marks will appear in their impulsive brains, and then they will ask: "How can this be used?" However, such people are still saved, and through patient and careful teaching, they will gradually like Apple.


There are still some tasks that cannot be completed on the mac, such as online banking transactions. Now all domestic banks have not released the Apple version of bank controls, which requires netizens to operate in a windows environment. Even though some banking systems can use non-IE browsers for transactions, there are still significant limitations. Therefore, investors should pay attention to the question of how to use Apple notebooks. Do not attempt to use Apple Computer to stocks, because Apple currently does not have a perfect online stock trading software in China.


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