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Apple may launch an upgraded version of MacBook Pro, the display upgraded to 14 inches

Time:2020-04-07Popularity: Author: raodeng


Sources claim that Apple may launch an upgraded version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro in May, and the display may be upgraded to 14 inches.

Some people claim that after updating the iPad Pro series, Apple is likely to launch an upgraded version of the MacBook Home Edition next. However, some people think that Apple may need to wait longer for the MacBook Pro series upgraded products.

According to information from Jon Prosser, an exposed person on Twitter, Apple will launch an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro next month. This means that the upgraded 13-inch MacBook Pro will be available sometime in May. Another tweet from the exposed person also emphasized that this will be an update to the current 13-inch product, and the display size may be upgraded to 14 inches.

Based on Apple ’s annual product release cycle and other rumored reporting details, Prosser ’s tweets are undoubtedly meaningful speculations. Prosser also said that the new product is called "j223". From Proser's recent tweets about details of Apple products, his speculation has certain accuracy, so he is concerned.

On March 3, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst of Apple products, said that Apple ’s 13-inch MacBook Pro will be upgraded to a product equipped with a 14.1-inch Mini LED display. Guo Mingji said in a report that the upgraded product will be launched sometime in 2020, but the specific launch time is not detailed. Guo Mingji said that the development of Mini LED display products will not be "affected by the current epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia."

Guo Mingji also believed in an earlier research report that an upgraded version of the MacBook Pro product that introduced the scissor switch keyboard design will be available in the second quarter of 2020. In fact, Guo Mingji made a prediction in 2019 that Apple will upgrade the MacBook Pro in 2020.

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