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Dell XPS13 7390 laptop computer body innovation process evolves again

Time:2020-04-05Popularity: Author: raodeng

First of all, the feeling of getting a hand was amazing. Although I did not pursue the absolute "first lightest in the world", the 1.23kg and 7.8mm thinnest figure just rightly matched the lightness and the most harmonious quality. What's more important is that its body design has a lot of black technology, let's take a look at it one by one.


The most intuitive shell, the wrist support material is available in 2 designs. In addition to the black carbon fiber wrist support version, there is also a white laminated silicon fiber version. This technology is quite powerful: 1568 fiber filaments are 1 bundle, a total of 340 bundles are made 9 Layered weave, this version is what we get. Why is it so well designed? There will inevitably be some bumps and friction in the daily use process. The general notebook shell material is easy to oil and shine over time, and the skin-like material may even fall off, which looks ugly, but we deliberately use blunt objects or sharp edges during the test. The friction and impact of XPS13 7390 did not show any scars, which is impressive.



The white laminated silicon fiber is also covered with Velvecron SR-1 ™ antifouling coating. This polymer material layer has several functions. The first is antifouling. In order to verify whether this is "exaggerated", we deliberately put coffee, The orange juice is poured on the wrist rest and left for a short period of time. Everyone should know that these water stains will become sticky after a long time. It will inevitably leave marks on notebooks of ordinary materials. It needs to be wiped carefully to remove it, but The XPS13 7390 covered with Velvecron SR-1 ™ anti-fouling coating can be removed with just a light wipe with a paper towel. There are no traces and the stain resistance is visible.


The camera has also been greatly improved. We know that the previous XPS13 put the camera under the screen in order to achieve the pioneering micro-border design, but obviously this design is not perfect. When making a video call, the camera angle is from bottom to top. It is easy to look big and face the nostrils, which affects the image more. Speaking of which, I have to admire the persistence of Dell XPS. In XPS13 7390, a quaternary lens camera design with a diameter of only 2.25mm is used to make it return to the top of the screen, and integrate with the InfinityEdge micro-frame, visually If you pay little attention, you ca n’t even find the existence of the camera, and this new technology camera has a high imaging level. It can be seen that the reduction in size does not mean a compromise in performance. Looking at the camera level, Dell ’s stubborn Be the only one in the industry.


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