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Dell XPS13 7390: thermal insulation, heat dissipation, battery life, performance

Time:2020-04-05Popularity: Author: raodeng

Dell XPS13 7390 also has black technology inside: heat insulation, heat dissipation, battery life, and performance


XPS13 7390 is equipped with a unique directional heat conduction system, equipped with a dual-fan dual-heat-pipe heat dissipation system in the thin and light books, which can quickly expel heat from the body. The actual measurement shows that the temperature of the single-processor baking machine can be controlled within 85 ℃ In order to achieve the purpose of efficient temperature control both inside and outside.


Now that the problem of heat dissipation is resolved, the next step is performance and endurance. The XPS13 7390 is equipped with a tenth-generation Intel Core processor, which allows you to easily feel the strong inner. The performance is up to 1.86 times that of the eighth-generation i7. The network experience can be increased up to 4 times. In the actual experience, the office suite has almost zero delay and the office family's series of software can also run smoothly, which almost covers the travel and office needs of business people. Under the premise of combining GORE ™ thermal insulation film + directional heat conduction system, the performance release is very abundant. It also brings another benefit: long battery life.


The XPS13 7390 comes standard with a 52Whr battery. In the case of reasonable dynamic adjustment, we adjusted the XPS13 7390 to full HD mode and tested it. When using Word + PowerPoint for unplugged mobile office for 3 hours, the power consumption is less than 16 %! Than the longest route at present: Singapore has a 19-hour direct flight to New York, USA, which means that even if you are taking this flight, XPS13 7390 can accompany you throughout the journey.



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