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Huawei is also making laptops, which is better than Lenovo laptops? I suggest choosing this way

Time:2020-03-22Popularity: Author: raodeng

When a company focuses on one area and has achieved great success, it will become much easier to deploy other areas. The most typical example is Xiaomi, which has gradually deployed various industries from mobile phones, such as televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. , Have achieved good results.


This is also true of the expansion of many large companies. For example, Huawei, as we know it, as a communications solution provider, focuses on the communications service industry. Later, it incidentally built its own mobile phone, relying on its own strong technical and financial strength, Business has become the second largest in the world.

Now that Huawei mobile phones are the most popular domestic brands, the ability of electronic products to interconnect and interconnect has also led to the sales of notebook computers. Starting in April 2016, Huawei MateBook produced the first notebook in mass production. In the following years, Huawei notebooks also achieved good results.


Because many people will choose to buy Huawei mobile phones, it also drives the sales of Huawei notebooks, but still many people can't help but want to ask, compared with Lenovo, which brand of notebook computer is better? On this issue, I would like to share my views.

First of all, it needs to be explained that whether it is produced by Huawei, Lenovo, or other notebooks, the notebook equipment produced by them is basically assembled. Whether it is a processor, a graphics card, or a memory, they are all foreign supply chain technologies. When it comes to buying a notebook, I look at the so-called "patriotic" remarks very much.


As far as products are concerned, no matter whether it is cost-effectiveness, practicality or after-sales, I think the strength of Lenovo notebooks is stronger. Although the current value of Huawei notebooks is very high, Huawei's cost performance is still not as high as Lenovo's under the same hardware and configuration.

In addition, in terms of product quality, Huawei notebooks are still incomparable with Lenovo as a whole. After all, Lenovo has been making notebooks for many years. In terms of heat dissipation and hardware compatibility, it still takes time to accumulate experience.


For notebooks, although the technical content of each product is placed on the table, which is an assembly nature, it still needs technical support. Huawei has only made notebooks for only a few years, and technical accumulation and compatibility may be slightly worse than Lenovo.

The other is that Lenovo itself is an old computer manufacturer and a relatively focused manufacturer. I think it may be stronger than Huawei in terms of hardware cost control and optimization. In general, the advantages of Huawei notebook computers are stylish design, and the advantages of Lenovo notebook computers are quality control and product quality worthy of recognition.


Choose Huawei or Lenovo, and everyone ’s views are completely different. I recognize the stability and compatibility brought by the accumulation of technology. I suggest choosing Lenovo to recognize the design and features of Huawei products. Then Huawei is also good. For this, you What would you choose?


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