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What about Huawei notebooks?

Time:2020-03-22Popularity: Author: raodeng

Huawei is now an excellent domestic thin and light notebook brand, which can compete with international brands such as Dell Hewlett-Packard at the same price.

Huawei's mid-to-high-end notebooks are mainly selling thin and light. Among them, MateBook X and MateBook 13 have achieved the thinnest batch under the same performance notebooks. At the same time, both notebooks use ultra-narrow bezel screens. The screen ratio of 2 is perfect for browsing web pages and text content.


The glorious brand MagicBook, which has a lower positioning and is mainly cost-effective, although the screen is the mainstream 16: 9 ratio, and the weight is not extremely thin, but it is only 1.45kg. Among them, the version using AMD Ryzen processors has a good performance in price and performance, and it is worth buying for students who are looking for cost-effective and beautiful shapes.


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