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LG gram 17 Z990 laptop full experience

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The concept of "thin and light" has been proposed in the notebook market for several years, and many friends have rushed into this category and replaced desktops with thin and light. From a morphological comparison, notebooks have inherent advantages; from the perspective of classification, thin and light notebooks have greatly reduced consumers' daily travel burden. For the urban crowd who do not leave the computer, work and entertainment rely on it, the enthusiasm of thin and light is indeed reasonable.


As manufacturers have joined in, the number of thin and light products on the market is increasing, but how can it be considered a benchmark thin and light product? From the perspective of volume, we can apply the ultrabook standard published by Intel 5 years ago to make a simple judgment: the thickness of 13-inch models is less than 18 mm and the weight is less than 1.5 kg; the thickness of 14-inch and 15.6-inch models Within 21 mm and weight within 1.8 kg.


With the discovery of materials and processes, today's ultra-thin screens are larger in size, but the body is getting thinner and thinner, bringing consumers a better experience. Just like the LG gram 17Z990 thin and light version to be experienced today, from the word "gram" meaning "gram", we can appreciate LG's determination in creating this thin and light product. Take out the LG gram 17Z990 from the package. First of all, we will be shocked by the appearance of the white body with dark lines hidden in it. This is what the notebook should look like in the era of beauty.


Although this machine is wider than ordinary thin and light books, it doesn't feel much weight. This feel is undoubtedly shocking. When the LG gram 17Z990 is placed on an electronic scale, the reading is even more surprising: As a 17-inch model, the LG gram 17Z990 is only 1.34kg, which is much lower than the Intel Superpolar This standard. The lightweight LG gram 17Z990 is placed in a backpack. It really doesn't feel too much. How exactly does LG do such a fairy operation?


This is not only because the volume of the LG gram 17Z990 disperses the weight, but also because of the materials of the LG gram 17Z990. The body of the LG gram 17Z990 is made of nano-carbon magnesium material. This composite material has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and strong compression resistance. It is really suitable for thin and light books. In fact, the LG gram 17Z990 has also passed the US Department of Defense MIL-STD 810 environmental test standard, and is not afraid of the impact of the use environment on the fuselage.


We mentioned earlier that the strength of the nano-carbon magnesium material is very high, which also means that the notebook can be controlled more thinly. Using a vernier caliper to measure the thickness of LG gram 17Z990, the thickest part is only 17.4mm. Compared with the Intel Ultrabook Standard mentioned above, this means that the LG gram 17Z990, which is a 17-inch model, has reached the standard of a 13-inch Ultrabook. The rapid progress of the process can be seen, LG's intentions are even more obvious.


Opening the LG gram 17Z990, we were easily attracted by the 6.7mm narrow bezel design. The narrow bezel is the general trend. LG will use this design on the LG gram 17Z990, which not only conforms to the trend, but also helps to reduce the size of the fuselage. One side is to shrink the volume, and the other is to broaden the field of vision. How can the design that achieves both goals win the consumers?

Turning on the machine, we will find that the picture displayed on this 17-inch screen is quite delicate. Open the system properties and we will find that the screen of LG gram 17Z990 reaches 2K resolution. Its screen performance has been tested and found to have reached 96% sRGB color gamut coverage. LG not only provides consumers with a wide field of vision experience, but also breaks the consumer's inherent perception of the laptop screen, which can be regarded as an epoch-making experience.


The body is large but light, and the screen is wide and delicate, which has exceeded the expectations of many friends for thin and light notebooks. However, LG is not complacent about this, and it is also very much concerned about performance. LG is equipped with an Intel eight-generation Core i5-8265U processor on the machine. This processor is a quad-core eight-thread design with a base frequency of 1.60 GHz, a maximum core frequency of 3.90 GHz, a 6 MB L3 cache, and integrated Intel 620 Ultra HD graphics.

Compared with the previous generation of processors of the same grade, the overall performance of the i5-8265U has improved by 40%, however, the thermal power consumption is still maintained at the thin and light 15W that is necessary. This means that the LG gram 17Z990 can not only be used for daily busy work, but also play several games with it. In order to allow Intel's eighth-generation Core i5-8265U processor to make the most of its performance, LG has equipped the machine with 8G memory and a 256G M.2 interface solid-state hard disk, which effectively reduces the waiting time for users.

The performance is so powerful. Will the battery life of LG gram 17Z990 be affected? In order to solve the doubts of consumers, LG equipped the machine with a 72Wh lithium battery. Such battery capacity is generally used in game books, and it is placed on the LG gram 17Z990 to make the machine have strong power support. Work normally with LG gram 17Z990 for one day, the machine still has a certain amount of power, and the charger can be safely placed at home.

The thin and light body has a large screen, but the powerful performance has a long battery life. The LG gram 17Z990 is not only the current benchmark thin and light product, but it is no problem to regard it as the current thin and light model. Friends who have great needs for mobile use, whether it is new purchase or replacement, consider LG gram 17Z990 is a safe choice, it will stay with you, making you efficient every day.


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