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2020 LG gram 17 review: everything is just right

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


Although today's notebook computers are beginning to develop in a thin and light direction, the cost of reducing weight and volume must sacrifice certain performance and battery life. At the same time, considering the stability during use, the product also needs to make a dissertation on heat dissipation and power consumption. Therefore, thin and light can be said to be the most difficult to achieve balance in terms of volume, weight, performance, battery life, stability, and comprehensive experience. product. On the other hand, a thin and light notebook that can be called excellent must be excellent in all aspects.


Since its inception, the LG gram series has been titled "the lightest laptop in the world" and has a long battery life. It is loved by many business travelers and white-collar workers. It can also be seen that the LG gram series is Rare excellent thin and light notebook products. Today the series welcomes 2020 updates. Among them, the 17-inch notebook has attracted much attention from users due to its large screen, thinness and long battery life. So how does the new 2020 LG gram 17 (hereinafter referred to as 17Z90N) perform?

Performance to meet daily office needs, but make compromises for power consumption

The 17Z90N participating in the evaluation is equipped with the latest tenth-generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor, which uses a 10nm process, with four cores and eight threads, a base frequency of 1.3GHz, a single-core core frequency of 3.9GHz, and a full core. Turbo frequency is 3.5GHz and TDP is 15W. From the specifications, this CPU's parameters perform well, and the CPU-Z's running score also confirms this. In terms of multi-threaded performance, the performance of i7-1065G7 and desktop i7-7700K is only 17%, which shows that the performance of 10nm process has improved significantly. For the purpose of limiting heat generation and power consumption, the peak TDP of the CPU is limited to 25W, indicating that this i7-1065G7 has made a certain compromise for power consumption, and the absolute performance is reduced compared to the same CPU with peak TDP 45W. But even so, its overall performance is quite outstanding, and it can fully meet the performance needs of daily office.


The graphics card is another aspect of the 17Z90N's compromise on power consumption. The 17Z90N uses the i7-1065G7 integrated Intel Iris Plus Graphics 940 core graphics card. Unfortunately, the GPU-Z has not been updated, so the parameter display is incorrect. Considering that the probability of white-collar workers and business people daily using computers to play games is almost zero, and the core graphics card can also meet the needs of office and light entertainment, so this compromise of 17Z90N is not wrong, and it will bring better performance. Consumption and endurance performance, so this move instead becomes a 17Z90N bonus item.


In terms of storage, the 17Z90N is equipped with 8GB DDR4-3200 high-speed memory and 512GB NVMe SSD storage, which fully meets the daily storage needs of most users. Of course, if you don't feel enough, the 17Z90N also supports memory and SSD expansion, which is rare for thin and light books.

Cooling, although the data is bluffing, it performs very well

As we all know, the heat dissipation performance is directly related to the hardware configuration of the fan and heat pipe. Due to the extreme compression of the internal space of the fuselage, it is difficult to express the specifications of the cooling hardware. Therefore, it seems that the heat dissipation effect of the thin and light notebook must be a mess, let alone the 17Z90N, the world's lightest 17-inch notebook computer. Through Master Lu's temperature detection, we can see that the average temperature of the CPU after the 17Z90N is maintained at 55 degrees or lower. This result is actually not excellent, and it will give the first impression of "poor heat dissipation." But in fact, if you take a closer look, you can see that although the temperature of the CPU seems high, the sound of the fan turning is hardly audible, and there is no sign of warming in the keyboard part. Such a watch is abnormal.


After starting the temperature and pressure test that Master Lu brought and running for 5 minutes, the average temperature of the CPU remained at about 73 degrees, which is very impressive. What's even more touching is that at this time the fan speed is only slightly heard, and you can't find it without listening carefully. In addition, only the blank space on the top of the F-series keys on the C surface is warm. In addition, there is almost no temperature rise in the entire keyboard area, and this behavior is still abnormal. It is not difficult to draw a conclusion from the test results: Although the temperature data seems bluffing, the heat dissipation effect of the 17Z90N is really strong, and it is very quiet, which simply does not look like a thin and light "should" performance.

Office experience, the big screen is everything

Today, the dual-screen office environment is very common. On one side is a small screen of a laptop computer, which is used to view some WeChat, QQ messages, and folders. On the other side is an independent large-screen display, which is used as the display area of common office software. . The reason for this is necessarily because the large screen office is more efficient, and of course, the screen of traditional laptops is too small. The 17Z90N uses a 17-inch IPS screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio, a 2560x1600 resolution, and a 96% sRGB color gamut. Judging from the parameters, the performance of this screen in terms of display area, picture clarity, and color rendering is quite excellent. Therefore, theoretically, whether it is used to modify pictures, make tables, draw PPT, or even audiovisual entertainment, you can enjoy excellent performance. Visual experience. So what's the situation?

Just looking at the 17Z90N's screen, in addition to the "large area" feeling, you will also feel that the colors are very bright. If you compare it with other notebooks, this difference is even more obvious. For the sake of cost saving, the general laptops are often reduced in the screen, so you will see that many laptops do not mention color gamut on the promotional pages. After I finally bought it, I found that the colors were inaccurate, the whole was gray or white, and the viewing angle was even worse. Although this type of screen is "not unavailable", it is difficult to use it smoothly.

The 17Z90N's 17-inch IPS screen supports 96% sRGB color gamut, and the color expressiveness is indeed impressive. Not only has the problem of inaccurate color been corrected, but also the super high resolution of WQXGA 2560x1600 can be seen in detail. This performance can be more accurate for photography enthusiasts or artists to adjust the color of the work, reducing the workload of repeated color correction or frequent modification, which will undoubtedly greatly help improve work efficiency. Of course, in my spare time, I can use it to follow the drama and brush movies, and I can experience what is called "visual enjoyment".

On the other hand, what is commendable for this large screen is the split-screen office experience. Friends who often use Word know that sometimes they need to check information while writing Word; or open two Word documents at the same time for proofreading. Due to the limited display area, a 13.3-inch or 14-inch screen in this case either can only switch windows frequently, or can only scroll up, down, left, and right frequently, which seems a bit powerless and adds a lot of trouble.


The 17-inch screen of the 17Z90N uses a 16:10 picture ratio. Compared with the traditional 16: 9 screen, it has a longer and wider display area, so it performs very well in split screen. It is not difficult to see from the figure that the contents of the left page and the right Word document are very complete, there is no need to switch windows, and there is a lot of vertical content, which reduces the operation of scrolling up and down, so I can focus more on Such experience is rare in content creation.

Lightweight, portable, and long battery life

Thin and light As the name suggests, it is a thin and light laptop, but the "thin" of many laptops is only a relative concept. Compared to gaming notebooks, this type of notebook is indeed very thin and light, but if you really hold it in your hand or in your backpack, you still feel heavy. When I hadn't seen the 17Z90N, I was already shocked by the configuration of the 17-inch large screen, so it was inevitable that the subjective impression would make it lighter. Although the official has already stated that it weighs only 1350 grams, this kind of transcendental weight is really hard to believe.

It wasn't until after receiving the real machine that I really held it in my hand that I was aware of its thinness-"This is too XX too light." Please forgive my swearing, but the first reaction was really shocked. There is no harm in comparing things like weight: two bottles of 500 ml plus a bottle of 330 ml of Coke weighs 1418 grams, Canon 5D2 with 50mm lens weighs 1538 grams, 17Z90N weighs 1310 grams, which is 1350 grams more than the official claim It's also 40 grams lighter. This is a 17-inch laptop computer friend! Lighter than three drinks! Do you feel heavy with three bottles of drinks in your bag? Is there any reason to go out and refuse to carry a laptop? Friends?


As mentioned earlier, the 17Z90N has compromised in terms of performance configuration in order to improve battery life. In addition, it is also equipped with an 80Wh large-capacity battery, and with excellent energy consumption control mechanisms, the 17Z90N officially claims a battery life of 17 hours. In the actual test, the screen brightness is the lowest, turn on the energy-saving mode, and then simulate writing Word while checking the information online. After half an hour, the power consumption is 5%, and the system shows that there are 15 hours and 10 minutes remaining. Such a result is very good for a thin and light notebook, and it proves that it can meet the battery life needs of users who are often on business trips. With a super long battery life, when I recently worked with the 17Z90N, I often found that it was unplugged for a long time. I almost forgot that the laptop needs to be charged at any time. In a way, 17Z90N has begun to change my habits and cognitive concepts of laptops.

In fact, the advantages of 17Z90N are much more than that. There are also rich interface equipment. Generally, the thin and light HDMI and USB 3.1 interfaces LG gram that have been cut off without the brain to have a thickness. It also has a high-performance Thunderbolt 3 and a UFS-compatible Micro SD card slot to meet the needs of all external devices; the addition of a fingerprint recognition module effectively protects the privacy and data in the computer; DTS: X Ultra sound effects also make video entertainment more vivid; US Department of Defense MIL-STD 810G military certification is sufficient to prove it Has excellent durability.

It can be said responsibly that the blessing of many advantages makes the LG gram 17 perform quite well in all aspects, becoming a "bucket" product with almost no shortcomings in thin and light books, and its performance in terms of experience is even more impressive. . There is no doubt that this LG gram 17 will work with me for a long time, accompany me a long way, and become the most reliable and efficient work assistant around me. The future is very long, please advise.


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