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How about Think x1carbon2020? Worth buying?

Time:2020-03-17Popularity: Author: 小编


The boot is fast, there is almost no sound when running, and it will not feel hot when watching a two-hour movie, and the screen is clear, which can be opened and closed with one hand, and the boot is opened. Although it is 13.3 inches, it is close to the full screen. It seems that the screen is not small at all, and the display effect is very smooth. I usually do n’t play games and do n’t play. Sometimes it is necessary to modify the picture, so PS is installed and it runs without pressure. The built-in computer housekeeper is also very good, and it is very convenient to use. Since it's not that professional, it's just for personal use. I feel this computer is still very suitable for me. This is already my second Lenovo computer. I used the last one again. One machine was not enough. I saw the consequences of the booking and cut off the purchase. It took two weeks to meet my expectations.


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