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Buy ThinkPad X390 laptop in addition to mainstream configuration and 4G Internet

Time:2020-03-17Popularity: Author: 小编

To say business books, although there are many thin and light notebook products now, Lenovo ThinkPad is really not afraid of anyone. Because other brands have no selling points other than cheap prices, and sometimes users value high quality or ability to work in some special environments. Relatively speaking, the ThinkPad has been under strict quality control since its inception, so even if it is more expensive, there is a reason to buy it, and if it is just that, it is not the whole of Little Black.


What kind of instinct can you spend on Xiao Hei? The 10th generation Core i5-10210, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD, nuclear display, fingerprint recognition, plus 13.3-inch high color gamut screen, 15.9 hours of battery life and fast charging, and it weighs 1.3 kg. But it's not worth buying such a configuration at this price? Even if the memory is solidified, at least the hard disk capacity is a bit stretched.


But for many users, this ThinkPad X390 has a very special design that may be very attractive, that is, it is online 24/7. This notebook has a built-in 4G network card, and there is a SIM card slot on the back of the fuselage. In this way, as long as the notebook is opened, the entire network can be connected, and the user only needs to pay the traffic fee. Even when other users are looking for WIFI signals everywhere, with this notebook, you can start working without worry.


At the same time as 4G Internet access, the notebook also provides a SIM card with a customized package. After activation, you can get 6 months of free traffic, and you can use 15GB per month. After the traffic exceeds the speed limit, the network is continuously connected. This is also worth some money, but Lenovo officials said that this SIM card only recognizes the corresponding small black book, and cannot be inserted into other devices or it will freeze the Internet account.


For the extended interface part, the Lenovo ThinkPad X390 is quite good as an ultra-thin and light notebook. The daily required interface is very complete, and not only provides USB type-C, but also provides a lightning interface. This is not common in notebooks of the same specifications, but considering its price, it also feels a bit richer for granted.


In summary, the configuration and performance of this notebook is just enough. Many people will consider changing the SSD after they buy it. The biggest selling point of the notebook is the built-in wireless network card. This design is extinct in many business books. Lenovo ThinkPad X390 is not innovation but return. As for the value of the value, it mainly depends on the configuration and function of this notebook is not enough, of course, you should also consider that after changing the SSD is still very cost-effective, the price may be the biggest threshold.


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