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How to choose thinkpadt490, x390, t490s?

Time:2020-03-17Popularity: Author: 小编


From the perspective of portability, X390> T490s> T490, considering that TP has a more portable X1c product line, so it is not appropriate to choose X390 or T490s for portability, or to sacrifice some portability for cost performance, T490 is also not much different than the first two. In terms of performance, T490> T490s> X390. T series has always been the perfect combination of performance and portability, while X series is more inclined to portability. People who have said that the requirements for portability tend to choose X1c products, so the remaining people will pay more attention to performance. . With an additional weight of 180 grams, the T490 provides higher graphics performance and greater memory expandability. Generally speaking, because of the X1 product line, X390 and T490s are awkwardly positioned, but thinner than X1, and the performance is not comparable to T490, which is quite modest. If I choose it, either X1c or T490.


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