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ThinkPad T series products 2020 T14, T14s and T15. Which one is worth buying?

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Lenovo officially updated the ThinkPad T series products, including T14, T14s and T15 models, of which T14 / T14s were used to replace T490 and T490s two devices, and T15 was used to replace T590 models.

In fact, since the T series canceled the dual-battery design, and the memory was changed to on-board or on-board + expansion, the T series seems to be getting farther and farther from the original "engineer series", and the gap between the T490s and X1 Carbon 2019 is almost zero What you have to say may be just some gaps in details.

At this year's CES show, when the ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2020 was released, many people said that this is a replica of the X1 Carbon 2019. After all, the two models have almost no difference in appearance.


This time, the three models of T14 / T14s and T15 are also the same. The appearance is almost the same as the previous generation T490 / T490s and T590. According to the pictures that can be found at present, the T series is on the keyboard's F10 and F11 keys. An additional Skype For Business answer button is consistent with several ThinkBook models.

Compared to the appearance, there is almost no change, and the hardware level update is much larger. The Intel version will use a 10th generation processor based on the Comet Lake architecture. Although it is a pity not to use the Ice Lake architecture, ThinkPad provides a version that supports vPro technology to choose from; the AMD version uses the Ryzen 4000 Mobile Pro processor. There is not much information about this processor yet, but according to the product pricing of T495 / X395, the AMD version should be much cheaper than the Intel version.

This time the T series can choose up to i7-10810U vPro processor, this version has a higher frequency than the existing i7-10710U, and the support of vPro technology also brings a different experience. In addition, the two models of T14 and T15 also provide the option of GeForce MX330 alone, but the T14s is only equipped with a nuclear display configuration for users to choose, and the support of Thunderbolt 3 and WiFi-6 technology should be standard for the Intel version. WiFi-6 may be optional in the AMD version, while Thunderbolt 3 should not be available.


The following table will comprehensively compare the differences between T14 / T14s and T15 and T490 / T490s and T590 in the form of tables. The data are based on public information.

As the most classic series of ThinkPad T series, T14 has better heat dissipation performance and expandability than T14s thin and light design. Because of this, T14 has the ability to suppress 25W CPU and GPU modules.

After all, i7-10810U vPro and Ryzen Pro 4000 APU bring huge performance, but also have a relatively large amount of heat, and GeForce MX330 GPU support also requires a more powerful cooling module to suppress. Although the GeForce MX330 is just the vest of the GeForce MX250, an additional module will always increase the heat generation.

In addition to stronger heat dissipation, T14 is also more scalable than T14s. Compared with the latter's pure on-board memory design, the former uses on-board + replaceable design, which means that the memory can be expanded. Unfortunately, since the T490 cancels the option of larger batteries, the T14 can't choose a larger capacity battery, which means that you can only choose a screen with fewer functions to get stronger battery life.

ThinkPad T14s vs T490s


The ThinkPad Ts series is a relatively thin and light model in the T series. This series has more advantages than the T series in terms of weight and thickness. However, the difference from the T14 is that the memory of the T14s is in the form of motherboard welding, which means that the T14s Of memory is not expandable.

Limited by the relatively narrow volume, the T14s does not provide the option of an independent graphics module, which is also related to the limitation of the cooling module, but the 57Wh battery is much larger than the T14, which also means that the battery life will be enhanced. In terms of screens, the WQHD screen equipped with the T490s has also been replaced by a 4K screen. It is not excluded that this screen is the same series as the X1 Carbon 4K.

In terms of color matching, this time the T14s includes two appearances of black and silver. It is also because of this that there are slight differences in the load capacity and size of the two models. The silver version uses an aluminum alloy top cover, and the black version is a CFRP hybrid material, which is consistent with the T490s.

ThinkPad T15 vs T590


ThinkPad T15 can be regarded as a large-screen version of T14. It not only has a 15.6-inch display, but also has a complete numeric keypad. At the same time, the larger body also brings us a better cooling module and a larger capacity. battery.

According to the media teardown of the T590, it can be found that a lot of space in this device has not been used, which may be to reduce costs or to avoid positioning conflicts with ThinkPad X1 Extreme of the same size.

Although the ThinkPad T15 has a certain price advantage, in the 15-inch products, you can choose a better configuration instead of U-series low-voltage processors and GeForce MX330 low-end graphics cards. In comparison, T14 is more cost-effective. high.

The following is a comparison of ThinkPad T15 and T590:

Overall, the T14 / T14s and T15 devices are more cost-effective than their predecessors. The T14 and T15 design with single memory welding means that users can expand according to their needs. However, the decline in battery capacity means that battery life will also decrease, and there will be gains and losses. Perhaps this sentence is appropriate for ThinkPad T-Series 2020.

Based on known information, the ThinkPad T14s starts at $ 1,029, the T14 starts at $ 849, and the T15 starts at $ 1,079.

The AMD version has not been updated due to the Ryzen Pro 4000 series processors, but the specific price is unknown, but according to the speculation of the T495 model, the starting price is estimated to be around 6000 yuan, of course, the configuration will also have a certain gap with the Intel version.


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