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ThinkPad T495s Review: Performance and Life

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


NBC has received the new T495s campus special edition and used it for the first time to get a preliminary impression. This T495s model is T495s-20KQS01E00, equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 3700U quad-core processor, integrated Vega RX10 graphics card, with 16GB of memory, 1TB SSD, and 1080p screen with 400 nits brightness. This machine does not have Windows pre-installed, so the price-performance ratio is very high in the campus version, and the retail price is only 1299 euros. Similar models in the Lenovo Online Store (retail, pre-installed with Windows 10 Home) currently sell for 1,800 euros. There is currently no information on best-selling models.

  1. Performance: Ruilong 7 only has Core i5 level

In our review of the T490s, I obviously used the subtitle "Shrinked Edition X1 Carbon"; because it looks more like a gadget made by the high imitation X1 Carbon, rather than the real T480s (can be used with a separate display) Inheritor. The Intel CPU with T490s cannot keep running at high frequency for a long time, and the power consumption of the CPU was finally reduced to 20W.

Therefore, in terms of performance, we do not have too many expectations for the T495s without changing the soup. The 3700U has a short-term power consumption of 30W and a continuous power consumption of 25W. This looks pretty good, but AMD has also begun to use the temperature wall gadget, named STAPM. After the third lap of the Cinebench R15 cycle test, the CPU began to reduce the frequency, and the power consumption immediately dropped to 18W. After the frequency reduction, the running points dropped to 570 points, which is equivalent to the T490s' i5-8265U. This situation tells us two things: first, the Ryzen 7 is not necessary, and the Ryzen 5 is sufficient; second, the heat dissipation of the AMD T495s is even smaller than the Intel T490s.

* Note: One point must be paid special attention to. At present, it is very likely that Lenovo's own driver comes with a problem; we have the same two T495s evaluation machines, one of which is equipped with Lenovo Vantage. The device with this gadget is even equipped with Lenovo's smart cooling function, you can choose between low noise priority and performance mode: However, with the blessing of AMD's diagnostic tools, we found that machines equipped with Lenovo Vantage even Run points are much lower in performance mode. At this time we can't explain exactly what this gadget does, but at this time we recommend that you don't install Lenovo Vantage on the T495s.

2. Endurance: AMD changed the trend

The battery life test is the biggest surprise in this review: battery life has been a pain point for Ryzen mobile CPUs before. However, the T495s endurance test result means that AMD has also kept up with Intel in the endurance segment. The NBC WiFi 1.3 (150 nits brightness) results show that the battery life of the T495s can last more than 11 hours, even one hour longer than the T490s. Both devices use the same battery, so there is no big difference in capacity. The T495s also performed quite well in our video test (12 and a half hours), although the T490s reached a little over 13 hours.

3.Fan noise

We also have good news: On the current ThinkPad models, the idle fan idle phenomenon that often occurs does not occur on the T495s; but under normal load conditions, the fan is not particularly loud and also operates at a very low speed. Run, but the frequency of switching between turning and not turning is very high, and the resulting noise will also make people feel very uncomfortable. But the mainstream model T495 does not have this problem.


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