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The best development computer I have ever used-a programmer's ThinkPad T490 experience report

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As a developer, the electronic device most exposed to every day is a computer. Let me talk about the experience of this computer as a developer from several aspects.

| Calm and low-key overall appearance

The appearance of the note is made of matte material, calm and restrained, and it looks very business-oriented. At the same time, it comes with the standard tradition of 180 ° opening and closing of the ThinkPad series. It feels super good. The black appearance is suitable for professionals. The weight is very light, the body is as light as 1.46KG, girls can handle it with one hand, small and convenient to carry, especially for friends who often travel on business.

| Excellent quality narrow bezel screen

The 14-inch 2K IPS high-brightness display with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 makes the display of the ThinkPad T490 delicate and real, which is rare in office books. The viewing angle and anti-glare performance are also quite good. When I tried this computer in the company, my colleagues engaged in design work had envious eyes, and the color gamut was quite good.

As a software developer, I can display the UI design drawings in such a high resolution, and staring at the computer screen for a long time is not tiring, because the delicate screen can perform better for small text. Rendering, the screen is no longer a short board for ThinkPad, I believe it will become the standard for ThinkPad products in the future!

At the top of the screen is ThinkShutter, which deserves a name! It is a design that realizes the privacy protection of the camera through a physical switch. This design does not know how many dog skin plaster-like lens stickers are liberated.

| The keyboard that made "Program Monkeys" love it

The high-quality screen is matched with a comfortable keyboard. The ThinkPad T490 uses the iconic "smile curve" keycap. The slightly concave smile curve design of the keycap fits the fingertips. To bring users the best input experience.

1.8mm key travel, feels good, typing is very comfortable, every click has the feeling of being bounced up gently. Long-term use, feel feedback is still very suitable, but it will not be tired. I used to hit the mechanical keyboard every day, which caused my thumb muscles to be strained. This keyboard really matters. The keyboard is not so important to the average user, but for professional users like software engineers like me, the keyboard may be my first consideration when buying a laptop.

Comfortable keyboard typing experience and precise character input make writing code for a long time a pleasure.

When it comes to ThinkPad's keyboard, I have to mention the soul of this computer-the iconic TrackPoint red dot, combined with the classic three-button design, can be easily controlled without a mouse. For software developers who like shortcut keys, with the little red dot, the efficiency is improved by more than a star!

Because the hand that controls the keyboard and mouse at the same time does not need to move the keyboard, the wrist does not need to move back and forth on the C surface. And compared to the MacBook's touchpad, long-term use will not feel sore right wrist.

Some people will say that the little red dot is outdated and how useful the MacBook ’s touchpad is, but no matter how rich the multi-finger touch of Mac OS is, you still have to stop typing and move your fingers to the touchpad. You can barely stretch your thumb to position the mouse while positioning with only your fingers. If you use the tiger's mouth for a long time, there will be some soreness.

When it comes to two-finger scrolling and three-finger shifting, you have to stop typing and go to the touchpad completely. It may be okay to interrupt the idea twice or twice to move the cursor, but when you type for a long time, this little pause really interrupts the idea.

Last but not least, do n’t really know. MacBook's cold C-face wrist rest is really unfriendly in winter. At this point, I used the ThinkPad, and finally I don't have to be afraid to face the laptop that has been quiet all night. The skin-friendly material and the warm texture in winter make this keyboard win my heart.

| Although not necessary, it is still an excellent touchpad

After talking about the little red dot for so long, I almost forgot the ThinkPad T490's touchpad. This touchpad feels very smooth, and although the left and right buttons and middle button used with the "Little Red Riding Hood" pointing stick have been provided above, the hidden left and right buttons are still designed at the bottom of the touchpad to meet users with different habits This design will make it easier for new users who have never used ThinkPad to get started.

| Unparalleled scalability

The T490 on my desk became the center of my entire expansion system. The right side has a USB3.1 gen1 interface, a PJ45 network cable interface, and an anti-theft lock hole. Most of the external interfaces are arranged on the left side of the fuselage. From the left to the right, the interfaces are Type-C (supports charging), Thunderbolt 3 (supports professional docking stations), USB3.1 gen1, HDMI, 3.5mm headset microphones. All-in-one, microSD card reader.

The rich interface can be extended to two screens, an external mouse, an external keyboard, and a wired network.

In terms of heat dissipation, the huge air outlet on the right side of the fuselage is reassuring, and the heat is better. Even if the air outlet is on the right, the hand with the mouse (if you are not used to the small red dot) does not feel the hot air.

A rich variety of interfaces are a must-have attribute for business books, and this is also an important link that differentiates from consumer-grade thin and light books.

Ability to cope with a whole working day

The ThinkPad T490 can easily cope with the endurance of one working day, and can even be used continuously for two working days under mild conditions. At the same time, the ThinkPad T490 also has fast charging technology, which can charge up to 80% of battery power in one hour, and the battery life can reach 13.6h. There is no need to worry about battery life.

| Robust Computer Performance

The ThinkPad T490 engineer series is equipped with Intel ’s eighth-generation Whiskey Lake architecture processor. The CPU performance is about 40% higher than the previous generation. Users can choose Intel UHD 620 ultra-high-definition graphics card or NVIDIA GeForce MX250 high-performance discrete graphics according to their needs, but here Please remind everyone that the T490 has only one hard disk slot. It can not be added with hard disk expansion, but the memory can be expanded. There is a built-in expansion memory slot inside.

As a front-end developer, you can't do without the chrome browser in your work, and you usually develop in the chrome browser. In addition, there are editors IDE, Dingding, TeamViewer and so on.

After testing for a few days, I feel that this computer opens the web page very fast, and switching between dozens of web pages is not frozen at all. It runs an editor that takes up a lot of memory (such as WebStorm), switches multiple tasks back and forth, and the computer Processing speed is still robust! Moreover, the computer dissipates heat better. I haven't noticed the heat radiated for a whole day, which is enough to meet my daily work needs.

If you are still worried about insufficient memory, you can consider adding another memory module. However, in order to improve the work efficiency, it is best to configure a 23-inch display for the notebook computer, so that you can read the UI design diagram and write code at the same time.

| Summary

In general, this T490 is indeed a good business notebook with a good price / performance ratio. A little shortcoming may lie in the high price compared with the configuration, and a hard disk bit is also a bit regrettable.

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