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Lenovo ThinkPad T490 hands-on review: perfect balance of performance and portability

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With the launch of the ThinkPad X390 Ultrabook, Lenovo also launched the ThinkPad T490 at the same time. The current National Bank selling price is 8999 yuan. The notebook is equipped with the latest Intel processor and a 14-inch high-definition screen (in addition to a 2K display for selection), while retaining the classic business notebook design while providing proper security protection. The T490 is specifically designed for professionals who value portability and performance while also focusing on security features and high-quality display screens.


The biggest highlight of the machine is that it is equipped with a 14-inch 2K screen, supports 65W fast charging, and is equipped with an Intel eighth-generation Core processor. The body thickness is more than 18mm, and the battery life is up to 10 hours. 30%.


The Lenovo ThinkPad T490 engineer series is equipped with Intel's eighth-generation Whiskey Lake architecture processor. The CPU performance is about 40% higher than the previous generation. Users can choose Intel UHD 620 ultra-high-definition graphics card or NVIDIA GeForce MX250 high-performance discrete graphics card according to their own needs. Support 48GB (32GB expandable + 16GB onboard memory) memory, 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD.

In addition, ThinkPad T490 is equipped with ThinkShutter black valve, which can physically lock the camera; and can be equipped with infrared camera and press fingerprint recognition model. The machine's screen can be selected up to 400nits WQHD (2560 * 1440) 14-inch IPS screen, covering 100% Adobe RGB wide color gamut, with IPS wide viewing angle technology, even in strong light, you can clearly see the content. The thickness of the frame on both sides of the screen is 8.6mm, equipped with dual far-field noise reduction microphones.


As shown in the figure below, fingerprint smears are very likely to appear on the ThinkPad X390 and ThinkPad T490 surfaces. This fingerprint stain cannot be completely cleaned with a dry cloth, and requires a wet tissue or similar to clean it. The exterior uses a familiar black ThinkPad design, with a shiny silver ThinkPad logo on the cover, a silver hinge and a wide vent on the right side.


The keyboard part is very good to use, similar to the new X390 model. The touchpad retains the same top-level features, and the fingerprint sensor is located next to it. The iconic red TrackPoint still uses the latest T series models. ThinkPad T490 body weight is 1.49Kg, thickness is 18.9mm, and retains the ThinkPad small red dot keyboard.


System and performance:

Performance will vary according to the configuration. The evaluation equipment received by foreign media this time uses Intel's eighth-generation Core i7-8565U Whiskey Lake processor, Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics, 16GB of memory, 1TB of solid-state hard drive and resolution A 14-inch screen with a rate of 2560 * 1440.


Foreign media said that they are completely at ease in routine tasks such as web browsing, image editing, streaming media playback, and document processing. This notebook is completely free to use.


After the foreign media test, the average use time of the ThinkPad T490 is 7 hours. Although the battery life performance is greatly improved compared to the previous generation T480, it may not be enough for users who travel frequently. In addition, this model has a built-in fast charging technology, which can charge 80% in 1 hour, and can reach a maximum of 13.6 hours after the battery is fully charged.


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