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ThinkPad T490 memory upgrade, T490 teardown guide

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This generation of ThinkPad upgrades are relatively simple. You only need to remove the back cover to see the various slots, even the computer can be easily operated. It is absolutely difficult to get started. Tell you a few tips in advance, and then show you the steps.

If you have not disassembled or reassembled the computer, you can take a look at the following points:

No need to prepare a screwdriver: when you buy a solid state drive or a memory stick, the merchant usually gives a screwdriver, which is enough;

Need to prepare a plastic card: the back cover buckle is still relatively tight, it is easy to scratch by hand or using a metal tool to pry directly, it is recommended to prepare an abandoned plastic bank card / membership card, you will find the buckle is very easy turn on;

Install again after test machine: After installing the memory or hard disk, do not install the machine directly, turn on the machine and try it out, make sure there is no problem and then install the machine, if there is a problem, you can easily adjust it;

No response after installation: Go to the device manager, right-click "Scan to detect hardware changes", don't know how to enter the device manager, please Baidu first; if there is no response, then unplug the memory or hard drive, use Wipe the golden finger with a clean cloth (golden yellow contact piece, where you want to insert it into the slot); if there is no response, you can consult the customer service (the one that sold you the solid state drive or the memory).

The following is the teardown of ThinkPad:

The first step is of course to loosen the bottom screw. This is more obvious, just screw it directly. The screw does not need to be removed after loosening, it will stick to the bottom plate and is not easy to lose.

ThinkPad T490 plus memory, T490 teardown, T490 replacement hard drive

The second step is to open the bottom plate in the order drawn on my picture. First, on the right side, insert a plastic card from the shaft and draw it directly downward; then on the side of the shaft, slide the card from right to left; then on the opposite side of the shaft, the same It is very simple to slide the card from right to left and open the bottom plate in the order I said.

ThinkPad T490 plus memory, T490 teardown, T490 replacement hard drive

After opening the bottom plate, you can see the internal layout of the T490 at a glance. The red box in the above figure is the memory slot. At the upper right of it is the M2.2280 solid state drive slot, and above the hard drive is the 4G card slot.

The third step is to upgrade. To upgrade the memory, just open the black protective cover in the red box, and then insert the new memory. The memory I chose is Samsung's DDR4 2666, which is the same brand as the original memory. The Suning price is 319 yuan, which I think is more cost-effective. I will put the corresponding link at the end of the article for the reference of friends in need.

ThinkPad T490 plus memory, T490 teardown, T490 replacement hard drive

The only way to upgrade the hard drive is to replace the original solid state drive with the new one, but remember to prepare the system in advance.

After the upgrade is complete, restore the buckle and tighten the screws. Note: Be sure to close all the buckles before tightening the screws, otherwise there may be a large gap.

Actual experience

I am quite satisfied with the T490 overall, but if you give me another chance to choose, I might choose T480s. why?

The three important reasons I chose to buy the T490 are: good screen, upgradeable memory and hard drive, and improved CPU performance, but these three points have not met my expectations.

The first is the screen. The 2K screen and high color gamut are very good. The experience when watching videos and browsing pictures is really great. But for me, the mirror screen is enough to offset all its advantages. Because my main use scenario is office work, in an office environment with multiple light sources or high brightness, the screen reflection will seriously interfere with the sight.

ThinkPad T490 plus memory, T490 teardown, T490 replacement hard drive

The solution I can think of now is to break the screen forward a little under the above environment to avoid reflection; at the same time, I am also buying a screen protector. If you look closely at the picture above, you can see the transparent plastic sheet on the left. This is the installation device of the screen anti-peep film I bought. Although it is convenient to take, it can also reduce the reflection, but the light transmittance is really poor, a little waste of this good screen, so now I basically This film is not used.

Then there is the upgradeable memory and hard disk. The memory can be upgraded without problems. The 4G port does not support 2242 solid state, which is not as good as T480s. This is not in line with expectations, and it is a deductible item.

Finally, performance, in fact, I also thought about buying X1C, because I have n’t played games for a long time. But this year CA wants to publish the "Total Warfare Three Kingdoms", it really wants to "die and struggle". I do n’t have much demand for the picture, I just hope that the independent display is more powerful than the integrated display. However, based on my experience of playing "The Witcher 3" occasionally, I can only run it with a low profile, and it is estimated that it can't close the gap with the T480s.

It can be said that the three points that were valued before did not fully meet my expectations, but if you really let me replace T490 with T480s now, I would not be willing. There are also the following reasons:

The entertainment effect is very enjoyable: the T490 not only has a good screen, but also added a new set of speakers on the C surface. As far as my experience of watching videos and playing games is very good, at least I am satisfied;

Faster speed: In any case, the speed of T490 is still faster, silky smooth for daily use;

It is not unusable: Although the above three points did not meet my expectations, but the impact is not too great, after the initial run-in, it is not too inconvenient to use now.

Therefore, I will continue to use the ThinkPad T490 machine. But if you are like me to focus on daily office work, hoping for higher scalability and better cost performance, I suggest you can still choose T480s. But we have to compare the prices. It seems that T490 is cheaper than T480s.

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