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ThinkPad X390 / T490 / T590 laptop: up to 48G memory

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During MWC 2019, Lenovo updated the ThinkPad product line and released many notebooks such as X390, X390 Yoga, T490, T490s, T590 and so on.

X390 / X390 Yoga claims to be tucked into a 13-inch screen with a traditional 12-inch volume. The former's frame is narrowed by 50%, and the latter by 16%. The battery is 50Whr and has a Windows Hello infrared lens. The starting price is 999 euros and 1199 euros, respectively.

T490 is Lenovo's main 14-inch business book. The new screen frame has been narrowed by 22%. The maximum optional 14-inch 1440P, 500 nits, Dolby Vision HDR anti-peep screen, body thickness 17.9mm, weight 1.46Kg, 50Whr battery (nominal battery life 20 hours).

In terms of configuration, the highest Intel 8th generation Core i7 (Whiskey Lake) vPro processor, 48GB DDR4 memory, 1TB PCIe SSD, MX250 alone, 2 USB-C (1xUSB 3.1, 1x Thunderbolt 3), 2xUSB-A 3.1, HDMI 1.4 etc. Features include upgraded speakers, far-field microphones, and more.

As always, the T490s is a thin and light version of the T490. The frame is 13% narrower than the previous generation, the thickness is reduced to 16.1mm, about 1.27Kg, and the battery is still 50Whr. The biggest difference between the configuration and T490 is that the maximum optional 32GB DDDR4 memory and there is no separate version.

The T590 is the 15.6-inch version. The highest optional 4K resolution, Dolby HDR display, up to 8th generation i7 + 48GB memory, MX250 alone, 50Whr battery, 19.1 mm thickness, 1.72Kg weight

In terms of price, the T490 starts at $ 999, the T490s starts at $ 1279, and the T590 starts at $ 1029. The European market will be launched in March, and the US market will need to wait until June.

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