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MSI WT72 Notebook Review

Time:2020-03-24Popularity: Author: raodeng


 At the same time as the smooth development of MSI's Gaming notebooks, the brand's ambitions have also been recognized by consumers and the market. Based on conscientious product and market development, the company naturally thought of a leap-forward vertical extension, extending the success of the Gaming field to new In the field, such as Workstation, among the three products that are listed in the first batch, the WT72 is a high-end positioning model. Gaming MSI has played like a decent model. In the new field, can MSI launch products that can stand the test of the market Well, let's use evaluation to verify it.


        WT72 is a workstation notebook based on 17 "specifications. The CPU uses a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processor with 32GB of memory. The discrete graphics card is NVIDIA Quadro K2200M. The hard disk supports up to 4 M.2 interface SSDs and can form a Raid system In addition, you can choose a 2.5 "traditional HDD as the data disk, the screen resolution is 1080P IPS screen, the weight of the whole machine is 3.78kg.

Product analysis-A / D surface

The appearance of the WT72 is still the mold of a Gaming notebook.Obviously from the industrial design of the product, we can't see any rigorous Workstation and the settings of three defenses or durability.


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