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Helpless with Surface Pro X

Time:2020-03-18Popularity: Author: 小编


I wanted to start with Surface Pro 4 and replace the previous notebook computer at the first time, and began to use it at a high frequency. It is very lightweight and can be used as a desktop computer extension. It is especially convenient to carry out. It doesn't seem too obtrusive to be caught in the middle of the file, especially when you are on a business trip or outing, you won't feel a burden because you take it with you. Many times mobile phones cannot replace a real computer.

Of course, after buying the Surface Pro 4 for about a year, I found that the touch screen has many problems and is very insensitive. A check on the Internet turned out to be a common problem. Fortunately, he was rarely used as a tablet until he fell down in the middle of last year (19), and the screen broke, but it still displayed normally. But looking uncomfortable, I went to TB and changed the LG screen. Since then, the touch problem has been completely solved. So Sufi Po 4 for four and a half years gives me a pretty good experience. The running speed is also decent. I often use it to edit 1080P videos (at this time, of course, I hope I can use a new computer to run faster), but other office use is completely no problem (children's shoes to play games, please automatically Ignore). The only thing that feels inadequate is that there is no way to access the Internet anytime, anywhere (cannot insert a SIM card). So last year, Sufi Po7, which was exactly the same as Sufi Po4, could not attract my desire to change.

At the end of last year, I learned that the Surface Pro X will be available in early 2020. I am looking forward to it, and finally I can finally insert a SIM card. Second, of course, I hope that the new computer can run on the basis of the Sophie 4 to give me a "push back" sense". The high-end version was ordered on Microsoft's official website on March 8th. I plan to buy a package with keyboard and stylus, but the webpage shows the package with keyboard and stylus is out of stock. Stylus. There is no way to satisfy the need for a keyboard first. (Surface Pro X's dedicated stylus can be hidden in the center of the keyboard and wirelessly charged).


However, I saw a problem when I saw the keyboard. Shouldn't the pen be placed in the middle of the keyboard? Why is there no place for the stylus? I called the Microsoft hotline and said that the keyboard model with the stylus is different from the keyboard without the stylus. Okay, got into the trap. I want to retire the keyboard, but was told that I must retire all! Okay, okay, the new machine is reluctant to retreat and has to swallow the bitter fruit.

As a heavy user of Sophie Po 4, naturally you should immediately enjoy the pleasure of the new machine Sophie Po X. I installed office and other applications needed for work and tried them one by one immediately. However, the goose found out that the new computer has no “push back feeling” compared to the old computer? Of course, I have no idea about the new CPU of the Surface Pro X, but I am comparing it with my great-grandfather and great-grandson of the same series of products four or five years ago. I ca n’t feel the pleasure of the new computer, and I feel depressed (and the price is high) A lot!).

Of course, the official should not agree with my feelings. There will be a lot of data to tell you how fast the new computer will be. I don't want to argue, I just believe in my feelings (and the comparison between the new computer without too many applications and the old computer that has been used for a long time can not win).


Let me talk about the advantages first:

The first is that the intuitive screen is a bit larger (the machine size is slightly reduced), and it feels much more comfortable directly; the border is mainly narrower on the left and right sides, and the upper and lower borders are not so narrow; One obvious advantage is that the battery life has been significantly extended. The official said that it can be used for 13 hours. I used it intermittently (office software, video playback, etc.) and it took about two days (not always at work) All are using computers, just watch the video after work, while the Surface Pro 4 can only be used for one day under the same conditions). Another advantage is that it can be inserted into a SIM card to access the Internet or work remotely anytime, anywhere.

The next thing is to bounce it:

The first is that its speed is not significantly faster than that of the Surface Pro 4 four and a half years ago (it's incredible).

Second, the WIFI signal is not good. I put Sophie 4 and X on the bedroom table together (the wireless router is in the living room), and X's web page opening speed is obviously much slower than 4. And wireless printing is even more outrageous. I have always used the Sophie 4 to issue print instructions in the bedroom, and then go to the living room to get the printed documents. But Sophie X couldn't do it. After a long time, I found that X's signal was not working. As long as I got X to the printer accessory, I could print it.


Third, Sophie X has two USB type-C sockets on the left side of the screen. Above the socket is the volume button, and on the right side of the screen is the power button. The problem comes. When the USB disk is inserted on the left side, the socket is too tight. You must hold the right side of the screen to fully insert the USB disk, but many times your right hand against the right side of the screen will overwhelm the power button. When the left hand pulls out the U disk on the left side of the screen, it is still because the socket is too tight. You must use your left finger to touch the left side of the screen, but you will encounter the volume key. So now you have to be careful when plugging and unplugging the peripherals on the type-C socket.


Fourth, when using Sophie Po 4 before, the standard posture for turning on the computer is: hold the left and right sides of the computer with your left and right hands, and then use your ring fingers to fold the back support of the back, and pull the keyboard away with your thumbs. carry out. Of course, goose, Sophie X will not let you play with it between your fingers. The strength of the ring finger when holding the Sufi Po X in both hands cannot open the folding support at all. Its back folding support is very tight. You must lay the computer flat and let it lie on the table. Carefully open the back folding support with your hands and turn it over. , Stand the computer up, and then lower the keyboard to complete the computer's preparations.


The last thing to say is that Microsoft's hotline technical support phone can actually wait for 16 minutes after being connected to work hours and is completely ignored! I don't know if the Microsoft hotline has the same treatment abroad?

Well, I rarely spit so many grooves on a digital product, mainly relying on it too much, and the disappointment of day and night can be said to be around the beam for at least many days! Sadly, Sophie 4 cannot retire now, so she must continue her mission. Let's fight together, grandpa and grandson.

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