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Can Microsoft Surface Pro X ARM architecture have greater compatibility?

Time:2020-03-29Popularity: Author: raodeng

The "Wintel" combination is definitely familiar to everyone, but it refers to the golden combination of software and hardware of Microsoft Windows operating system and Intel x86 processor, which has been the standard configuration of the PC industry for decades.

With the rise of the mobile wave, the ARM chip architecture and Android / iOS systems have penetrated into every corner of life, and the "Wintel" combination has begun to shake. Microsoft has started to support the ARM architecture. The software has Windows RT and Windows on ARM operating systems. On the hardware, there are Surface series tablets.

As early as 2012, on its first tablet device, Surface RT, Microsoft adopted the ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra3 as a processor, which matched the Windows RT system and opened a new battlefield.

However, due to the immature architecture and system, Surface RT can only use the UWP applications that come with the Windows Store, and the number is quite limited. The poor ecological environment has caused this product to not achieve the expected success. Subsequent generations of Surface used the regular X86 architecture again.

However, Microsoft has never given up its efforts on the ARM platform, and after completely dominating the mobile field such as smartphones, the ARM ecosystem has gradually made its way to the PC market, especially Qualcomm has released computing platforms such as Snapdragon 8cx / 8c / 7c At the same time, we strongly advocate that Always Connected PC devices are always connected, coupled with the system and software support for the ARM architecture, Microsoft has also seen new opportunities.

Surface Pro X came into being, and it brought a completely different ARM chip.


Surface Pro X uses an ARM architecture and Microsoft's customized Microsoft SQ1 processor. It is also the first PC ARM processor with a 3GHz frequency. Its integrated Adreno 685 GPU has a performance of up to 2TFlops, and it also has a Snapdragon X24 4G. The baseband can access the Internet at any time, and even supports NVMe high-speed storage interfaces. It can use full-speed SSDs, but only consumes 7W of power. The energy consumption ratio is very pleasing.

Speaking of the ARM architecture, we have to mention compatibility issues. Microsoft officially claims that Microsoft SQ1 is compatible with the use of most 32-bit applications. Although there are still some games, running programs, anti-virus software, etc. that cannot run normally due to drivers, kernel versions, etc., but the daily experience comes That said, browsers, chat tools, multimedia playback, document processing, and more are more than enough.

In addition, high face value has always been a feature of the Surface product family, and the Surface Pro X is naturally no exception. The thickness of only 7.3mm plus the design of the narrow bezel makes it look extremely thin and stylish, especially the design of the narrow bezel first appeared on the Surface, giving the entire device a new look.


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