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Microsoft Surface Pro X endurance test: bright screen office for 10 hours without stress

Time:2020-03-29Popularity: Author: raodeng

Under the not weak performance, the power consumption of Microsoft SQ1 is only 7W, and the design of the large and small cores makes it possible to use a small core to achieve lower standby power consumption in standby state, and the battery life performance is quite worth looking forward to.

According to official instructions, the Surface Pro X lasts up to 13 hours under normal use, and its content includes browsing the web under multiple tabs, productivity tests using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. During the test, the brightness was set to 150 nits, and Wi-Fi remained connected.


The actual test method is similar to the official description. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Edge are repeatedly operated according to a certain rule, and the time taken to record the power consumption is close to 100%. During the test, the brightness was set to 50%, the performance mode was balanced, and positioning and Wi-Fi were turned on.

According to tests, Surface Pro X can achieve up to 10 hours and 47 minutes of battery life while keeping the screen bright and using the OFFICE toolkit and Edge browser to surf the Internet. If it is operated under a light load, supplemented with some energy-saving settings, the official 13-hour battery life is no problem.

In the case of the screen-standby, the Surface Pro X's battery life is also very good. Nearly 3 and a half hours, the power consumed only 10mWh. When a traditional Windows laptop is idle, we will immediately hibernate and set it to shut down. The Surface Pro X can basically not worry about this.

According to the positioning of Surface Pro X, it should be used as the main use scenario for carrying out, so fast charging is also very important. In terms of charging, the Surface Pro X comes standard with a 65W charger, and the charging speed can also be guaranteed.


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