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Microsoft Surface Pro X daily experience: perfect compatibility with everyday applications

Time:2020-03-29Popularity: Author: raodeng

For the daily use of Surface Pro X, the most worrying thing is definitely compatibility.

Surface Pro X currently supports UWP applications perfectly. UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. Unlike traditional exe applications or APP programs, it is not designed for a single terminal, but can run on all Windows 10 devices. In short, UWP apps can be used on computers, tablets, and mobile phones as long as they are equipped with Windows 10.

At least for now, the number of UWP applications has been very large, and the software ecosystem of the Surface Pro X is much better than when the Surface RT was originally launched.

In addition, Surface Pro X is compatible with most 32-bit programs. For most of the daily applications we can access, the Surface Pro X can achieve compatible operation. I tested Tencent QQ, WPS, Chrome, Netease Cloud Music and other programs, and they were very smooth from installation to operation.


Since 32-bit programs are run by simulating the x86 environment, the efficiency of these programs is also a test. I open QQ, WPS, Chrome, Netease cloud music at the same time, keep playing music in the background, QQ receive messages online, Chrome opens multiple windows and plays videos.

At this time, the CPU usage has reached more than 60%. The eight cores are called by all members regardless of size, but there is no stuttering. Under higher loads, the Surface Pro X runs 32-bit programs still stable.

However, in comparison, some professional software is not so lucky. I tested the drawing software such as PS, and some of them only reported errors during the installation phase and could not continue to run.

According to the official interpretation of Surface Pro X compatibility, although 32-bit programs are supported for simulation, the driver fails to provide support for ARM-based processors (I encountered this problem using the Red Spider test software), or the kernel version was too High, will cause incompatibility.

In short, Surface Pro X can meet the needs of daily software and light office, but it is not suitable for high load, multi-application, professional creation and other needs.

In addition, don't forget its thin and light touch pen. Although professional software such as PS cannot be used, there are still special programs to make it useful.

The most basic daily touch operation, the stylus can make them more accurate. When you use the Surface Pro X completely as a tablet, like adding notes when reading documents, the stylus can also use fake strokes to record your unique font.

Taking advantage of the stylus, Surface Pro X also provides two shortcuts, full-screen screenshots and whiteboards, in the taskbar.

The full-screen screenshot function can quickly take screenshots and modify them; the whiteboard tool provides an artboard and various brushes and auxiliary tools for you to create. As I said before, although the PS cannot be used, this stylus of the Surface Pro X is still very useful.

As a 2-in-1 laptop, portability is also an important consideration when comparing products. Surface Pro X has a small body with a thickness of 7.3mm, not to mention its brothers, even thinner than the current mobile phones on the market, which makes the Surface Pro X excellent grip.

Surface Pro X measures 287mm x 208mm on the front, which is one circle smaller than a sheet of A4 paper (297mm x 210mm). The compact size makes it extremely convenient to store it. When you go out, the backpack can be easily installed, saving you a lot of space to accommodate other equipment.

From the experience point of view, whether working or studying, Surface Pro X can be described as an excellent partner. Under the thin and light appearance, it has long-lasting battery life, familiar with Windows system, and Surface's signature stylus, which can bring you a completely different experience from iPad or laptop.

Once on a business trip, I might tend to bring a tablet and laptop to meet the needs of both productivity and portable entertainment. And after experiencing Surface Pro X, I will find that it is enough to bring it.


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