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Microsoft Surface Pro X targets the mobile market! Surface is most like a tablet

Time:2020-03-29Popularity: Author: raodeng

Throughout the history of Surface development, Surface Pro X is perhaps the most tablet-like of all time. Narrower bezels, thinner bodies, longer battery life, and support for mobile networks, regardless of appearance and functionality, make the Surface Pro X sway from the 2-in-1 notebook to the tablet or computer In fuzzy positioning, the emphasis is more obvious.


In terms of performance alone, the Surface Pro X is not the strongest. In terms of compatibility, it is also inferior to other products directly equipped with X86 processors. But long-lasting battery life and fast Internet access at any time are unique to the ARM architecture and can bring a different mobile office experience.

After several days of experience, the author feels more and more that we should not compare the Surface Pro X with other computers. It is too unfair to just run Windows on it. Instead, it should be seen as a tablet, a return from Microsoft after many years of silence in the mobile market, and a product that competes with other tablets.

Compared with the traditional tablet, Surface Pro X is no less in volume or appearance. The thickness of 7.3mm makes it easy to hold, and the narrower bezel also allows it to have a larger display area without changing the volume.

In terms of productivity, although the ARM architecture and the Windows system still have many compatibility shortcomings, compared to traditional Android tablets and even iPads, it allows you to work in a more familiar and efficient Windows environment. With the vigorous promotion of software and hardware manufacturers such as Microsoft and Qualcomm, more and more applications can be efficiently executed in the ARM environment.

The productivity of a shoulder-to-shoulder computer, the shoulder-to-shoulder tablet's portability, support for mobile networks to be online at any time, good battery life, excellent Surface design language, many haloes, and the birth of a new product for the mobile market, Surface Pro X It is certainly not the most perfect, but it is definitely the most distinctive. Maybe it is a new beginning of a period of history.


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