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5G iPhone release time or skip ticket to December

Time:2020-04-07Popularity: Author: raodeng


As Apple's most important product in recent years, the 5G version of the iPhone, "never possible" was launched in September this year.

Dan Ives, an analyst at investment bank Wedbush, said that due to persistent supply chain problems and disruptions to Apple's normal planning and design process, the release of the highly anticipated new smartphone for this 5G iPhone may be delayed until This December. He believes that the probability that the 5G version of the iPhone can be launched in September this year is only 10% to 15%.

This prediction by Ivis is consistent with previous reports of the Nikkei Asian Review. The report said that due to the decline in global demand for smartphones and supply chain obstacles, Apple is considering delaying the launch of the 5G version of the iPhone.

Ives wrote in a research report that Apple ’s first 5G version of the iPhone has only one chance to be launched. If consumer demand is not good, it will be difficult for Apple to succeed. This will be a disaster and will be important to Apple. influences. Therefore, their choice of the launch time of the flagship product will definitely be considered twice and carefully.


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