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Is Samsung laptop good? 13.3-inch SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Ion 2020 QLED 970g Ultralight Laptop

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The Galaxy Book Ion notebook is equipped with a tenth-generation Core processor, a 13.3-inch 1080p screen, weighs only 970 grams, and has a battery life of 22 hours.

The Galaxy Book Ion is a thin and light notebook with a metal body design. It is only 12.9 mm thick and weighs only 970 grams. It weighs less than 1 kg and is very portable. Female users can also hold it with one hand.


In terms of screen, the Galaxy Book Ion is equipped with a 13.3-inch 1080p resolution screen. Although this screen does not have the expected 2K high resolution, it uses QLED technology and has a brightness of 600nit. German VDE certified 100% color rendering volume .


In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Book Ion has been upgraded with ten generations of Core processors, with optional Core i5-10210U or Core i7-10510U, 16GB LPDDR4X memory, and 512GB NVMe hard drive.

In terms of battery, the Galaxy Book Ion is equipped with a large 69.7Wh battery, which achieves 22 hours of battery life, and supports wireless charging. Press the Fn + F11 key to wirelessly charge the phone.


In other respects, the Galaxy Book Ion is also equipped with AKG stereo speakers, dual array microphones, 720p HD camera, etc., supports fingerprint recognition, supports WiFi 6+ network and Bluetooth 5.0.

In terms of interfaces, the Galaxy Book Ion is equipped with one HDMI, one Thunderbolt 3, two USB 3.0, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy Book Ion retains a card reader while being ultra-thin and thin, and supports UFS and MicroSD cards.


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